“Yasmin served as the interpreter on an immersive trip to Mexico that I participated on, along with others from the NC Community College System. Her communication skills were superior, and always clear and easy to understand. She was a joy to listen to and to get to know as a member of the delegation. She is someone I strongly recommend for interpretative services.”

Matthew Meyer, Ph.D. Associate Vice President
Business Engagement, National and International Partnerships
NC Community College System

“Yasmin Metivier is one of the best interpreters our organization has worked with for several years. Her quality of work and professionalism, are simply incomparable”

Yasmin Metivier es una de las mejores intérpretes que ha colaborado con nuestra organización por varios años. Su profesionalismo y calidad de trabajo son incomparables”

Lorena Patterson, University of North Carolina
Director of Latin American Programs, Go Global NC