“I have worked in our court system since 1983 in many different roles, from front line court services to my service as a Magistrate Judge to my role as an attorney representing clients accused of crimes.   For over the past 37 years I have utilized the services of countless interpreters.  Yasmin is the most proficient, professional and pleasant interpreter of them all.  Her highly skilled and seamless simultaneous interpretation saves me and my clients’ time and money.  Her calm and comfortable demeanor and pleasant personality immediately gives me and my clients confidence and trust that our words are being effectively communicated.  Yasmin makes my clients feel present and involved in the proceeding being translated.  Her services are invaluable.  If Yasmin is available, then I will not use any other interpreter.  If she isn’t available, then I will try to wait for her.  The quality and character that she brings to the relationship between me in my clients is invaluable.” 

Bill Young, Partner/ Criminal Defense Attorney, Hatch, Little & Bunn L.L.P.