Interpreter Services

Wurts Language Services (WLS) provides interpreter services whenever and wherever you need them. Whether you need simultaneous interpretation for a regional, national and international event of on-camera/voiceover interpretation for your video content, WLS can help you out.


Yasmin offers the highest level of interpretation in the state.


Yasmin’s work in many fields of expertise gives her clients fast, effective, one-stop service.


Yasmin’s clients get excellent results. They come back again and again and refer her to others.

Expertise in:

Community settings
Court Hearings

Waste/ Recycling
Health & Safety

Service industry


Skills Highlights:

A-1 Master Certified Interpreter
Corporate Interpreter 
Voiceover Talent        

Interpreter Training (Educational)
On-Camera Talent               
Cultural Consultant






Net App


General Electric

Health/ Nutrition

Expanded Food and Nutrition Program

Susan G. Komen


Forever Living

Burts’ Bees (now Clorox)

Yasmin Wurts Metivier is on-camera translating during a cooking demonstration


Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina (Winston-Salem)

N.C. Roman Catholic Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama


Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Hospitals (15 years)

Strategic Behavioral Health

Orthopedic and Sports Medicine


Durham Co. Schools Open House

Chatham and Durham County Schools – Individualized Educational Plan meetings

N.C. Society of Hispanic Professionals’ annual educational summit



N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts

Employment Security Commission



Legal Aid

N.C. Emergency Management Operations (severe weather and COVID-19 press conferences)

Governor of North Carolina – Mr. Roy Cooper

The Honorable David Price 

Construction and Safety

OSHA safety meetings, Human Resources, Orientations

The Hamlin Companies 

Clancy & Theys


AFEX Fire Suppression Systems


DUKE University

UNC School of Dentistry 

Medical College of Georgia

N.C. College of Natural Resources

UNC School of Medicine

Meredith College

Wake Technical Community College


Human Resources

Double Tree Hotels

Golden Corral

Sheraton Hotels

Public Meetings

Latino Credit Union Graduation

Durham Engage meetings

Yasmin Wurts Metivier is an experienced translator for public community meetings

Head Start parents’ meetings

Telamon summer programs’ events for families

National Advisory Council on Migrant Health 


Town of Cary


Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Procter & Gamble


Farmworker Legal Services

N.C. Global – Latino Initiative Economic and Workforce 

National Advisory Council on Migrant Health 

East Coast Migrant Stream Forum Annual Conference 

Meet the Sisters Behind Spanish Livestream for Governor Cooper’s Meetings

Two certified interpreters, who are also sisters, are behind the Spanish livestream of Gov. Roy Cooper’s coronavirus, briefings.

Jackie and Yasmin Metivier, who were born and raised in Mexico, simultaneously interpret the remarks of officials into Spanish.

Read more

Trip to Mexico

“Yasmin served as the interpreter on an immersive trip to Mexico that I participated on, along with others from the NC Community College System. Her communication skills were superior, and always clear and easy to understand. She was a joy to listen to and to get to know as a member of the delegation. She is someone I strongly recommend for interpretative services.”

Matthew Meyer, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President
Business Engagement,
National and International Partnerships
NC Community College System

“Yasmin Metivier is one of the best interpreters our organization has worked with for several years. Her quality of work and professionalism, are simply incomparable”

Yasmin Metivier es una de las mejores intérpretes que ha colaborado con nuestra organización por varios años. Su profesionalismo y calidad de trabajo son incomparables”

Lorena Patterson
University of North Carolina
Director of Latin American Programs
Go Global NC

“Yasmin is awesome! Energetic, creative and she knows EVERYONE. Most importantly, if Yasmin sets her mind on accomplishing something, consider it done.”

Sig Hutchinson, Wake County Commissioner


“Yasmin is a Hispanic market expert who excels at helping newcomers to Hispanic marketing succeed in their efforts. She has a deep understanding of and great respect for 1st-generation immigrants and is a well-respected advocate for the NC Hispanic community. Yasmin has worked with companies to develop meaningful grassroots programs designed to Hispanics succeed in their lives in the US. Yasmin is also a very engaging presenter on a number of topics of interest to large corporations, entrepreneurs, financial service providers, and grassroots organizations. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Yasmin when we get to work together on a project!”

Eva A. May


“Yasmin is one of a kind. She not only understands various cultures, ethnicities and languages, she understands people and is an expert in her field. She has the ability to connect with the new immigrant and the ability to walk in a board room and talk to the CEO. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that far exceeds anyone else I’ve encountered in my 10+ years working with the Hispanic segment/ community. Yasmin and her company created the successful Bibi series for BB&T. This is one of her many contributions as a partner to BB&T.”

Teresa Mackey, Commercial. Sales Support, BBT (now Truist)


“I worked with Yasmin for several years. She developed the first curricula for interpreters working in health settings for the state, and still teaches these courses. My office at the time evaluated and attended many of her trainings and she and her colleagues consistently received the highest marks. She is the go-to person in the business community regarding a new immigrant Latino workforce. She has developed recognized campaigns for the banking and other industries. Her work has been recognized widely. I highly recommend Yasmin.”

Andea Bazan, CDO, After-School All Stars


Yasmin has been a certified Level A-1 Master Spanish Interpreter for the Administrative Office of the Courts, N.C. since 2000, and has vast experience in a variety of industries.


“I have worked in our court system since 1983 in many different roles, from front line court services to my service as a Magistrate Judge to my role as an attorney representing clients accused of crimes. For over the past 37 years I have utilized the services of countless interpreters. Yasmin is the most proficient, professional and pleasant interpreter of them all. Her highly skilled and seamless simultaneous interpretation saves me and my clients’ time and money. Her calm and comfortable demeanor and pleasant personality immediately gives me and my clients confidence and trust that our words are being effectively communicated. Yasmin makes my clients feel present and involved in the proceeding being translated. Her services are invaluable. If Yasmin is available, then I will not use any other interpreter. If she isn’t available, then I will try to wait for her. The quality and character that she brings to the relationship between me in my clients is invaluable.”

Bill Young, Partner/ Criminal Defense Attorney, Hatch, Little & Bunn L.L.P.

Community Event

“Few match Yasmin’s ability to deftly and seamlessly interpret verbal communication between the Spanish and English languages. Verbal communication plays an essential role in maintaining a strong and trusting relationship between LCCU and its members and finding an interpreter to facilitate that relationship is paramount. Yasmin served as an interpreter for LCCU’s Annual Member Meeting and Graduation Ceremony in May of 2019, and I was thoroughly impressed.

This event included speakers utilizing both English and Spanish and audience members originating from all across Latin America and the United States. Despite the many varieties and dialects of language spoken by the event’s more than 400 attendees, Yasmin demonstrated her remarkable ability to not just interpret each speaker’s message but to transmit the original emotional essence of the message in a way that was easily comprehensible for all. This is an art, and Yasmin has mastered it. 

Given Yasmin’s performance at this event, I will certainly request her services for future events that require the skills of an expert interpreter.”

Luis Pastor, President and CEO of Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU), Durham

Presentations/Public Speaking

“Yasmin has passion! She is an over the top presenter, always very prepared, and extremely motivating. She shares her personal stories and draws people to her. She is always encouraging discussion about business, non profits and immigration. She makes people think and question their pre-conceived idea. I would recommend her for any type of presentation or leadership position.”

Winkie La Force, former president, Leadership Triangle

“We teach a sixth-semester Spanish course at Duke titled Translating Spanish-English and English-Spanish, and since 2016 we have invited Yasmin every semester to give a 75-minute basic (court and conference) interpretation workshop. Her presentation engages with some of the unexpected challenges implicit in interpretation, demonstrates some of the nuts and bolts of the profession, points students to resources they can access, and reassures them that they know more than they think they do. Yasmin has customized the workshop to fit the needs of our group, and her unparalleled real-life experience and dynamic presence invariably lead our students to cite her workshop is one of the highlights of the entire semester.”

Joan Munné, Senior Lecturer, Duke University
Melissa Simmermeyer, Senior Lecturer, Duke University