“Few match Yasmin’s ability to deftly and seamlessly interpret verbal communication between the Spanish and English languages. Verbal communication plays an essential role in maintaining a strong and trusting relationship between LCCU and its members and finding an interpreter to facilitate that relationship is paramount. Yasmin served as an interpreter for LCCU’s Annual Member Meeting and Graduation Ceremony in May of 2019, and I was thoroughly impressed.

This event included speakers utilizing both English and Spanish and audience members originating from all across Latin America and the United States. Despite the many varieties and dialects of language spoken by the event’s more than 400 attendees, Yasmin demonstrated her remarkable ability to not just interpret each speaker’s message but to transmit the original emotional essence of the message in a way that was easily comprehensible for all. This is an art, and Yasmin has mastered it. 

Given Yasmin’s performance at this event, I will certainly request her services for future events that require the skills of an expert interpreter.”

Luis Pastor, President and CEO of Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU), Durham